Aesculap Clippers Quality since 1912

Clippers and hair cutting machines for the care of large and small animals

Welcome to Aesculap in Suhl. We are makers of clippers and hair cutting machines, as well as accessories and equipment for the care of large and small animals, veterinary professionals and hairdressers / barbers.

At its Suhl site, Aesculap produces shearing and hair cutting machines and accessories, as well as surgical instruments, using the latest production processes – overall, a range of approximately 500 different quality products.

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Here you find all product information, technical data, application videos, spare part lists etc. as well as several fields of application.
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What our customers say

Silke Müller

“I like using the Favorita Speed since it works fast and powerfully. It provides you with a perfect clipping result and can be used versatilely. Only with cutter head and SnapOn Comb – an enrichment for every grooming salon.”

Farah Eggers

  • Should not be missing in the basic equipment of any groomer
  • Faster clipping speed
  • Ideal for large dogs, large clipping areas, strongly matted dogs
  • Great clipping power
  • Cutter heads don’t get overheated so quickly
  • Fast and clean clipping of large areas
  • Ideal for work with SnapOn Combs as well

Anja Reiteritsch

“I like keep on working with Aesculap corded clippers – the Favorita Speed is a great advancement. The clipper is well-balanced for perfect handling and enables a faster and easier clipping due to the powerful motor and heat up just a bit even at longer usage. The new Aesculap SnapOn Combs are an expansion for dogs which shouldn’t be groomed too short. So this clipper can be used versatilely in the daily salon business. For me the Favorita Speed is an investment which pays off every time.”