Horse Shearing Bonum

GT654-BL / GT654-RO
GT656-BL / GT656-RO
Technical Specifications
Wight with battery 900 g
Dimensions (W/H/L) 29,5 x 7,5 x 7,8 cm
Rund Time 80 min
Charging Time 55 min
DC Motor 10,8 V
Sound Level 65 db (A)
Stroke Rate 2500 U/min
Supplied Package Bonum Clippers Horse: GT654-BL incl. 1 battery or GT654-RO incl. 1 battery or GT656-BL incl. 2 battery or
GT656-RO incl. 2 battery, charger (GT643), blade set 15/31 tooth (GT501/GT502), instructions, oil,
hard shell case, optional replacement battery (GT641)

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    AESCULAP® Bonum: Application video by blogger Mira

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