Clippers Fortis

Cordless small animal clipper with all the power of a mains-powered device

GT386 Technical Specifications
Blade system Aesculap SnapOn blade system
Motor drive D.C. motor, 2,300 strokes/min
Motor drive Planetary gear
Battery Technology Lithium ion
Running time 60 min
Charging time 50 min
Weight 450 g (incl. battery pack + 0,2 mm cutter head)
Package includes 1 Fortis clipper (GT380) incl. 1 cutter head #50 + 1 charger (GT203) + 2 lithium ion batteries (GT201) + 1 Aesculap oil (GT604) + 1 Operating Manual + 1 sturdy, protective case
Application   Veterinary Medicine

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