Clippers Isis

Perfect for venous punctures, incisions/biopsies and areas that are difficult to access

GT421 Technical Specifications
Clipping head system Aesculap Special
Drive DC motor 3,6 V

Stroke rate

approx. 5,700 strokes/min
Battery technology Lithium-ion
Run time approx. 90-120 min
Charging time approx. 90 min
Cutting width 24 mm
Sound pressure level < 60 dB
Weight approx. 115 g (incl. battery + clipping head)
Supplied package 1 Isis battery-operated clipper, 1 clipping head (GT608), 1 charger, 1 clip-on comb – adjustable to 4 different cutting lengths (3-6 mm), 1 brush, 1 Aesculap oil (GT604), 1 operation manual

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